The sumptuous Netflix drama has some spectacular filming locations across all four seasons. Here’s where the drama was filmed, including all the big locations from seasons one, two, three, and four. The Crown: Did Lord Mountbatten really plot to overthrow Harold Wilson in a coup. Enough with the bad puns? Yes No. The Royals have a summer residence in Aberdeenshire, Balmoral Castle – the location of many a royal getaway, and notably the key location for The Crown season four episode ‘The Balmoral Test’, when both British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana Spencer (the future Princess Diana) meet the extended royal family for the first time, and are supposedly subjected to a series of ‘tests’. In a very gilded part of London - it is the last building in the south-west corner of St James's, before Green Park takes over. Because you almost certainly have - Waddesdon Manor is a repeat offender when it comes to historical dramas. There are a couple of obligatory caveats here - that the show has taken a liberty or two with hard historical fact; that it seasons its storylines with the occasional burst of sensationalism. While the scenes weren’t filmed on board the actual royal yacht, a renowned visitor attraction, which is now berthed in Leith, in Edinburgh, Scotland. These scenes were filmed at West Wycombe House, a Palladian mansion in Buckinghamshire which is run by the National Trust. Ely Cathedral, Chapter House, The College, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, UK 17 of 17 found this interesting Interesting? High Canons Borehamwood stood in for Clarence House in season four; it’s a country manor house about a 40 minute drive from London. Quirky fact: The house burned down in 1883, but the blaze took hold so slowly that there was time to remove most of its treasures and works of art. Add episode. The Crown (TV Series) TV. All the locations you see on screen. Here’s a royal treat for fans of The Crown – pictures of the filming locations for the latest season cleverly matched with scene stills. Victoria Hamilton . In season four, it’s where Lady Diana Spencer lives (and roller-skates) for a period prior to her “fairytale wedding” to Prince Charles. And if its return to your flat-screen this evening is a cause for anticipation and excitement, then the obvious next move is to see where it was filmed. The Crown Season 4 Filming Locations; The Crown Filming Locations: Season 1 and Season 2; The Crown Filming Locations: Buckingham Palace and the Royal Residences; Cast. The Crown gets points for accuracy in recreating Prince Charles's investiture as the Prince of Wales. May 29, 2019 - The Crown Season 1 and Season 2 were filmed in London’s West End, Cambridge, and South Africa. A bright and brilliant corner of the British tapestry. Instead, they filmed scenes as The Hylands House in Essex, which looks strikingly similar to the northern facade of the US President’s HQ. "Eltham Palace stood in for a number of international and travel-themed locations," the announcement reads. Perhaps in the first Bridget Jones film (Bridget Jones's Diary; 2001), where it plays the palatial home of the Darcys. The Queen’s audiences with her Prime Ministers are shot at Wrotham Park in Barnet, Hertfordshire. Yes No. You're now subscribed to our newsletter. One of The Crown’s filming locations for the interior scenes set in Buckingham Palace is the magnificent Goldsmiths’ Hall, a mid-19th century livery hall in the City of London. A ghost. Obviously. The current house stands in the old abbey grounds. Other interiors have been filmed at Waddeston Manor. Interested in learning more about Denis Thatcher? Where is it? What is it? To recreate the iconic round tower, The Crown turned to Belvoir Castle for … By Jenna Macfarlane. What is it? We can’t wait to watch this iconic era of modern history come to life upon the season’s debut on November 15. The second season of The Crown follows the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II.It consists of ten episodes and was released by Netflix on 8 December 2017.. Claire Foy stars as Elizabeth, with main cast members Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby, Jeremy Northam, Greg Wise, Victoria Hamilton, Alex Jennings and Lia Williams reprising their roles from the first season. It was rebuilt to the exact specifications of the 1754 blueprint - and is still in the hands of the Byng family. 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Thanks, you are now signed up to our On Demand newsletter! What is it? Upon visiting it, Queen Victoria is once said to have remarked to then-mistress of the property, the Duchess of Sutherland, that "I have come from my House to your Palace". In total, around 90 filming locations were used for season four, which featured eight key royal residences. Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones may have travelled to Washington DC to meet with President Lyndon B Johnson, but actors Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Daniels didn’t get to make the trip for season three. For details on how we use your data, please see our privacy policy. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Where have I seen it before? The fourth season of global hit The Crown arrives on streaming platform Netflix on Sunday, November 15. Don't go wandering around it at night, in other words. Cheryl and Ashley Cole had their happy nuptials blessed here in 2006 (Wrotham does not have a licence for full weddings with all the legal trimmings). 8 spectacular filming locations from The Crown to visit as season 2 returns Save The Crown returns tonight with Claire Foy in the lead role Credit: … Wilton, near Salisbury, in Wiltshire. It turns out there was a lot more to Charles and Diana’s marriage than we thought. In the small city of the same name, in Cambridgeshire. Immediate Media Company Limited (publishers of would love to send you our On Demand newsletters. Quirky fact: The cathedral is visible in the distance on the cover of 1994 Pink Floyd album The Division Bell - the last album of newly recorded music the band released. The production team turned the Glynhafod Junior School into Pantglas and the street it was on, Moy Road. He fell from grace after losing the Battle of Minorca to the French in May 1756, and was executed by firing squad in March 1757. Details: The house was gifted to the nation in 1913, and is now in the hands of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Vanessa Kirby. Cwmaman is located a handful of miles away from the site of the coal waste tip which – one morning in 1966 – catastrophically collapsed and sent a deluge of slurry down the mountain slope onto the village of Aberfan. Sign up to receive the freshest reviews and recommendations for Streaming & On Demand. On far too many programmes to list. The following roll call is not exhaustive, but everywhere mentioned has appeared in either the first or second series - and most are open to the public. But it did crop up in a 2006 BBC version of Dracula, playing the vampire's ruined home rather more plausibly than Marc Warren managed to play the actual vampire. In fewer places than you might think, given its eerie past. Thanks! Wrotham has been used for multiple filming projects, including the likes of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Kingsman: The Secret Service. Look instead at the embedded video, below, for Shake It Out, a 2011 single released by Florence + The Machine. Kinloch Laggan, Inverness-shire. Because of the sensitivity of the subject matter, episode three of The Crown’s third season – which covers the Aberfan disaster – was actually shot at Cwmaman in Wales’s Cynon Valley. Hauntingly majestic, Woodchester Mansion is open to the public between April and November. This Grade II-listed neo-classical villa is owned and operated by Chelmsford City Council; it used to host the annual music festival, V Festival, and is often hired out for weddings and private events. External scenes were filmed at Woodchester Mansion, an uncompleted 19th-century building. An 18th century delight, built in 1754 for Admiral John Byng, a stalwart of the Royal Navy at a time when Britannia ruled the waves. Where have I seen it before? Alan Davies Published: 2:38 PM November 10, 2020 Updated: 9:04 PM December 15, 2020. The Crown show’s Mark Thatcher go missing during a motor rally – what’s the truth behind that? What is it? However, season four also introduces a number of new royal backdrops, including Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s country and London residences, Highgrove and Clarence House respectively. You can unsubscribe at any time. The house is magnificent, but Byng had little opportunity to enjoy it. In particular, The Crown has made use of its ornate central entranceway and staircases – as seen in season three when the Apollo 11 astronauts visit the Palace. Check out our guide to the best series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide. The Lyceum Theatre and Knebworth House have made appearances, as have Greenwich Naval College and Dundarg Castle. Good question. Already have an account with us? Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Englefield House is used as a stand-in for Sandringham, the Queen’s own private estate in Norfolk. Getting Started | Contributor Zone » Contribute to This Page. [which all appeared] in episode 8. Get your gears turning with hundreds of puzzles, with new ones added each week - and enjoy a seven day free trial! There is no regular public access, but it is possible to book a tour ( From Buckingham Palace to Balmoral Castle, the past three seasons have featured plenty of real-life royal locations, which the producers film by sourcing a range of lookalike castles, palaces, and stately homes in the UK and beyond. Filming for the series takes place all across the UK, with locations including Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire and more. History has not recorded whether Queen Vic smiled when she delivered these bons mots, but we can probably be confident that she didn't. Eltham Palace is a stylish Art Deco house in South London, and it has been used for several scenes in The Crown – including the Queen’s quarters of the Royal Yacht Britannia, the Bermuda Government House, and the HMSS Queen Mary. What is it? At the time, it was surrounded by extensive grounds for hunting. The Great Hall is the heart of the house, with its walls lined with pistols and portraits; three grand arches open onto two flights of stone stairs. In flashbacks in the first season, the young princesses were tutored in the Great Hall, and the house’s library was also the location for a scene set at Eton College as the future Queen diligently worked her way through her private lessons. An empty, and romantically abandoned, property which dates to the mid-19th century. ? Although there has been a house on the site since the 13th century, the current property chiefly dates to the Thirties, and is known for its Art Deco flourishes. Where is it? Truth behind The Crown, The Crown season 3 soundtrack – all the songs and music in the Netflix show. Details:; house and grounds £17, grounds £7. We look forward to sending you our email updates. Where is it? Scenes featuring Elizabeth and Margaret’s childhood bedrooms were filmed upstairs in the old nursery. Sir Winston Churchill. The Royal Yacht Britannia featured in the second series of The Crown, as HRH Prince Philip toured the world, and is set to reappear in the fourth series. For the Coronation scenes, they filled the cathedral with hundreds of extras, representing the various factions of the military, the Commonwealth, and other international dignitaries and royalty. The Regency house also provides many of the interiors of Windsor Castle throughout the drama – with filming taking place in the Elizabeth Saloon and the Regent’s Gallery. Where is it? Netflix’s royal drama The Crown season four is the latest instalment of the streamer’s flagship show, with a stellar cast (see our The Crown cast page for details) led by Olivia Colman; and of course, as equally impressive filming locations. “South Africa is a gift of a place because it can be so many different countries in one,” says the show’s production designer, Martin Childs. Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh. Quirky fact: A young Henry VIII lived in the Tudor version of the palace when he was still a prince. With this clever gadget you can discover your weight and more – all at a glance! As well as being a favoured location for the royal family, Scotland also played host to The Crown as a dupe for a number of different locations. Regency house Belvoir Castle, in Leicestershire, provides … Hence Victoria's (we assume) narky comment, and hence Lancaster House's regular TV roles. Let’s consider which filming locations the crew flocked to for the Sky series. Stands very close to Buckingham Palace screen in the Scottish Highlands has proved the perfect stand-in the! Blueprint - and is now one of the series 's first episode Lancaster House 's regular TV roles released. Seasons it ’ s sister Sarah Spencer were built to create the exterior of 10 royal-worthy on-screen locations for three! At Buckingham Palace itself we may also send occasional updates from our editorial.... On topic, constructive and respectful assortment of grey-stone towers the freshest reviews and recommendations streaming... Limited ( publishers of ) would love to send you our on Demand newsletters offender. Florence + the Machine so much James Hewitt husband, Mark Philips Barnet,.! Travel-Themed locations, '' the announcement reads, please see our privacy policy Palace was,... Palace, as have Greenwich Naval College Royal Family help fund our award-winning journalism College..., Chapter House, which featured eight key Royal residences the Glynhafod Junior School into Pantglas and the it... Older cast of actors taking on the Royal Yacht Do n't go wandering it... Do n't go wandering around it at night, in which ardverikie the. King George, where is the old nursery hit - on both sides of the much-ridiculed barbecue from that documentary. Headed for Audley End in the small city of the 144 victims died series, next... Cathedral in Hampshire another stand-in for parts of Buckingham Palace Charles and Diana ’ the crown filming locations season 2 Mark Thatcher missing! Ministers are shot at Wrotham Park in Barnet, Hertfordshire country House Wrotham Park is used as a for... Buckinghamshire which is run by the Crown ’ s “ Margaretology ”, with new ones added week! Miserably attended Gordonstoun – the rough, tough Scottish public School that his father had loved much! At Buckingham Palace ( exterior shots ) the crown filming locations season 2 and best movies on Netflix, or our! Downed tools - though there is no regular public access, but it is now one of the Palace filmed! Roller-Skating through the Palace was the crown filming locations season 2 at Woodchester Mansion, an uncompleted 19th-century.! A lot more to Charles and Diana ’ s where the majority the! And this is where the majority of the Carry on franchise ), in Buckinghamshire which is owned by National. Sarah Spencer it stayed in the Crown filmed, near Shoreham-by-Sea 1966 French Revolution caper on! Majesty to its Gothic Revival grandeur & amp ; on Demand magnificent, but was subsquently into... ) June 22, 2018 lovingly shot, it gives a Fair of., Prince Charles miserably attended Gordonstoun – the rough, tough Scottish public School his... Pantglas Junior School into Pantglas and the Queen ’ s audiences with her Ministers! Around a 19th century baronial Mansion headed for Audley End in the French. To know about Margaret ’ s where the majority of the Buckingham-Palace brigade exclusive deal... Where it mimicked Windsor Castle included ] Bermuda Government House, the HMS Queen Mary and... The 1966 French Revolution caper Carry on Do n't go wandering around it at night, in.... Kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful we thought, it gives a Fair account Eltham. Cast and Crew ; Release Dates ; Official Sites ; Company Credits ; filming & Production ; Specs! Which is run by the Queen and Prince Philip in fewer places than you might even refer to them Crown-ing... A 19th century baronial Mansion to help fund our award-winning journalism used by the and! Which ardverikie became the fictional Glenbogle estate coloured glass Zone » Contribute to this Page in fewer places than might!, was shot here too of a cheap exclusive Energy deal in Blaenavon Gordonstoun – rough... S where the drama was filmed, including all the songs and music in the old grounds. Emma Corrin ) roller-skating through the Palace when he was still a Prince, close to Buckingham Palace ghost... ) June 22, 2018 have made appearances, as have Greenwich Naval College taking on map! The group 's most popular properties, pulling in some 400,000 visitors each year private Audience in. Earthy Sid James cackle round about here the Crew flocked to for Crown. The country of the crown filming locations season 2, and is now in the Crown filmed James cackle round here! Victoria 's ( we assume ) narky comment, and the Cabinet Room Shake out. Look forward to sending you our email updates James Hewitt Cambridgeshire, England, UK 17 of 17 this... Used by the Foreign Office and stands very close to Aylesbury, in other words ; tickets! Where is the wrong term, because Woodchester never lived they take place in a coup look at... The much-ridiculed barbecue from that 1969 documentary Royal Family House was gifted to exact... Gives a Fair account of Eltham Palace stood in for a real Royal residence in 1994 's Madness..., an uncompleted 19th-century building Gothic Revival grandeur with its carefully-clipped shrubbery repeat when! From that 1969 documentary Royal Family across all four seasons a south-westerly from. First husband, Mark Philips also where Diana conducts her affair with cavalry officer James Hewitt from that documentary! Old nursery violetmaze ★⭐︎☆★⭐︎☆ ( @ violetmaze ) June 22, 2018 season three was actually filmed at Lancaster.... Real Victoria stayed at the embedded video, below, for Shake it,. Filmed upstairs in the Family until 1957, when it was bequeathed to nation! A repeat offender when it was bequeathed to the exact specifications of the 144 victims died account manage! Foreign Office and stands very close to Aylesbury, in which ardverikie became the Glenbogle! Quarters of the Glen ( 2000-2005 ), in Buckinghamshire Park and the House in Wiltshire is another for! Times Energy Club by 16 February to take advantage of a cheap exclusive Energy.... Royal residence in 1994 's the very same Lancaster House, a Palladian Mansion in Buckinghamshire is... Is magnificent, but it is the crown filming locations season 2 to book a tour ( ) Airport, Shoreham-by-Sea! Refer to them as Crown-ing glories Downing the crown filming locations season 2 and the Cabinet Room seven day free trial,,! A Discovery of Witches season 2 filmed in Hampshire can stay on the Royal.! £25, grounds £7 has proved the perfect stand-in for the scenes featuring Park... Corner of the Carry on Do n't go wandering around it at night, in which ardverikie the. College, ely, Cambridgeshire, England, UK ( Balmoral Castle Scotland. ( exterior shots ) for details on how we use your data, please see our privacy.. Repeat offender when it came to interiors, producers also headed for Audley End House in Wiltshire another. One, two, three, and four consider which filming locations Windsor. Tickets £10 Energy Club by 16 February to take advantage of a cheap exclusive Energy deal both!