While Jimmy McGill inevitably gets closer to becoming the slimy, slippery Saul Goodman that audiences are familiar with, more and more parts of Breaking Bad are making their way into the world of Better Call Saul, primarily through the use of similar props and casting the same actors in small roles in each series. Here are seven “Breaking Bad” Easter eggs from the first two episodes: 1. Bornheimer has played a variety of small roles in various films and television shows, and one of those happened to be the role of Ken Wins in season one of Breaking Bad — an obnoxious businessman who steals Walt's parking spot and ends up on the wrong side of Heisenberg's wrath. Did you catch the Breaking Bad call backs from Season 4? Switch, Cobbler, Amarillo, Gloves Off, Rebecca, Bali Ha'i, Inflatable, Fifi, Nailed, Klick. After the home of drug dealer and Hummer-enthusiast Daniel is broken into, the "playuh" calls the Albuquerque police to come take a look around. It doesn't have any of Breaking Bad's urgency either. The devil is, of course, in the detail. Better Call Saul creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould know fans love a good Easter Egg from their Breaking Bad days, but it seems they underestimated their ability to spot them. Did you catch these items that link back to people, places and things found in "Breaking Bad"? [This is a review of Better Call Saul season 2, episode 1. Season 2 of the "Breaking Bad" spinoff "Better Call Saul," which premiered Monday night, has Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) showing flashes of his future alter ego, Saul Goodman.After initially rejecting a cushy job at the law firm Davis & Maine, Odenkirk's character enlists Kim (Rhea Seehorn) to help him run a scam on a stock trader, tricking him into buying them expensive shots of tequila. Where a show will have a quick shot, Better Call Saul lingers. It's probably the best shot show on TV right now, every scene looks stunning. Breaking Down ‘Saul’, Season 5, Episode 2: “50% Off” ... We get double the episodes of Better Call Saul this week, ... so no Easter egg hunt this week. If the diner where Jimmy first meets with the Kettlemans looked familiar to … And it packs so much in. Tragic, yes, but close to perfect nonetheless. Season 2 of Better Call Saul is only a couple of episodes in, but it hasn't stopped reminding viewers that the world of Albuquerque is small and that the same faces seem to show up time and time again. The creators of Better Call Saul included quite a few Easter eggs in the show during season four. Check out 15 awesome Breaking Bad easter eggs in Better Call Saul season 2. At the Season 2 premiere of “Better Call Saul” at the Arclight Cinema in Culver City on Tuesday night, Bob Odenkirk weighed in on his character’s transition from Jimmy McGill to Saul … In Better Call Saul, Ken Wins is seen again, this time talking loudly at a bar and becoming victim to a small con performed by Jimmy and Kim. Walter White was a good man turned corrupt; Jimmy McGill is a corrupt man trying to be good. Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more. From returning obscure characters to familiar locations and incredibly minute and jaw dropping details, the easter eggs throughout Better Call Saul were seriously cool. While not always a fast paced series, there was a sense of it moving forwards. Don't miss the Season Premiere of Season 5 on February 23 at 10/9c. It's a show made for Breaking Bad fans, and yet in many ways it's the anti-Breaking Bad. The Return Of … Friends Quiz: The Hardest Ross Geller True Or False Questions! Better Call Saul rounded off Season 2 with a finale that was, in keeping with the rest of this second run, extremely close to being perfection. 10 Actors Who Begged For Their Character NOT To Die, WandaVision: 8 More Questions Raised After Episode 3. During the episode of Talking Saul that followed the premiere, showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould confirmed that the last time Zafiro Añejo was seen was in Breaking Bad when Gus poisoned a bottle to kill members of the Juárez Cartel as an act of revenge for a fallen friend. Better Call Saul rounded off Season 2 with a finale that was, in keeping with the rest of this second run, extremely close to being perfection. Images: Ursula Coyote (2)/ Sony Pictures Television/AMC, AMC. All rights reserved. Saul’s Best Case Scenario. Warning - spoilers for both series! There are also rumblings on Reddit that a fan-favorite character may be showing up sometime soon. Tragic, yes, but close to perfect nonetheless. ]-Perhaps the most noteworthy takeaway from season 1 of Better Call Saul was not its connection to Breaking Bad, or the feeling that, even though Walter White was nowhere to be found, his presence hung over the launch of the series like a porkpie hat-wearing cloud of smoke. The creators of "Better Call Saul" included quite a few Easter eggs in the show during season two. Did you catch these items that link back to people, places and things found in Breaking Bad? Better Call Saul contains some incredible performances, not least from Bob Odenkirk in the lead role, a rare actor you can make you laugh one minute and break your heart the next. ‘Better Call Saul’ Co-Creator on Jimmy McGill Breaking Bad, Easter Eggs and More Nacho Than Tuco on Season 2 TheWrap asks Peter Gould if Jesse … Better Call Saul opens, not in the past like the rest of the series, but in a black-and-white … Season 2 of "Better Call Saul" premieres Monday, Feb. 15, at 10 p.m. Netflix reveals all the Karate Kid Easter eggs in Cobra Kai season 3. The Originals: Bet You Can't Name All These Characters! These are the best. “Better Call Saul” is strictly serialized, and moving in a very definite direction, so there’s no upside to starting from anywhere but Episode 1. 10 Things We Need To See In HBO Harry Potter Series A former corrupt cop, Mike is an expert at technology and surveillance with a deep knowledge of forensics tools and evidence. Officer Saxton must have stayed in Albuquerque for a while after the events of Better Call Saul, because as Reddit user solaybro noticed, Saxton also appears in season three of Breaking Bad answering Skyler's complaint that her house had been broken into. A mix of wise-old man in a young man's body with a child-like wonder about him and a great otherworldly sensibility. In celebration of the